Al - Rahim Remedies

Al - Rahim Remedies

Since many years ago, Al-Rahim Remedies has worked effectively and we are manufacturing nutritional supplements products. They are trying to establish it as the manufacturers and traders of natural and Dietary Supplement. A system of Dietary Supplement with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent and it is globalized and modernized practices derived from nutritional supplements traditions are a type of complementary or alternative medicine. The word "Dietary Supplement" is the combination of three words "Dietary" 'Food' and "Supplement" which means life and knowledge and science related to life. 

We have also been certificated the GMP & FSSI Govt. approved. We presently have Men's Health, and, Health Bootup CAPSULE, Multivitamin, ETC. All products are also TESTED by Govt. RECOGNIZED LAB which delivers the message that no means of compromise with the quality of raw materials as well as in the final outcome. It doesn't contain any sort of preservatives. We have also created a benchmark in the field of Natural Extract.


Our Strength

  • • Comprehensive product portfolio
  • • Cost Leadership
  • • Strong R&D
  • • 100% safe products with cost and quality leadership
  • • Natural, safe & effective
  • • Our Pillars: Heritage of Knowledge of Food Dietary Supplement Coupled with research, innovation and constant validation
  • • Our doctors are stakeholders in Food Dietary Supplement


Quality Assurance

Owing to our objective to serve flawless quality products to the users and various stringent quality tests are conducted under the supervision of our quality control executives. The quality, the tests are performed from the very initial stage of processing of raw materials to the final stage of launch of end products in the market. 

The manufacturing facilities of the company are India and the employee state of the art technologies and equipment, which enable it to each global scale and quality product and services. The strong infrastructure with highly competent manpower provides the organisation with a competitive edge in the market. Al Rahim Remedies is rated high on the customer satisfaction index as it gives a lot of customers focus on serving them better. As Per "CUSTOMER'S REQUIREMENT". The Company has embarked on a modernization program to that end it has chosen to go for Quality Management System as per ISO 2200-9001 in its organization. 

The highest quality standards and excellence, we have been growing steadily with our rich industry experience, we have also gained a strong foothold in the industry. Our team of experienced professionals makes us understand the varied requirements of clients to make them available with the best range. Our company talented research analysts provide us with innovating findings along with improving the range of products. With this addition, we always ensure the safe delivery of the array with a widely connected marketing network of Ayurvedic product.

Global Health Vision

Our mission is to enhance the health and well-being of people by providing superior dietary supplements that have the highest level of quality and purity – thereby creating the most respected and valued company in the dietary supplement industry.