Omved Celebrate - Mangal Utsav Ayurvedic Sambrani Dhoop Powder/Bakhoor - 100% Natural & Non-Toxic Ayurvedic Blend (100g)

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About this item 100% NATURAL, CHEMICAL-FREE and NON-TOXIC - Omved Celebrate Dhoop is the new product replacing the Omved Mangal Utsav Dhoop. It is a very powerful blend of 100% natural botanicals, blended with Ayurvedic Herbs and Resins of Frankincense, Vetiver, Jatamansi, Sambrani, Loban, Lemon peel, and a proprietary blend of pure therapeutic grade essential oils. PUREST AYURVEDIC HERBS and ESSENTIAL OILS - Frankincense dispels negativity and cleanses the impurities in the air, Sambrani and Lemongrass sanitize the atmosphere whereas Sandalwood attracts positivity, Jatamansi removes obstacles, and Loban purifies. IDEAL FOR DAILY USE, RITUALS, and CEREMONIES - Invites auspicious vibes in your surroundings. Burn this Dhoop at the beginning of rituals to cleanse the air of negativity, witchcraft/evil eye, and unhealthy, airborne micro-organisms, thus purifying the air. UNIVERSAL POSITIVE ENERGY - Attract positive universal energy and usher auspiciousness and an obstacle-free celebration. It's on the philosophy of Pancha Mahabhoota - five elements of nature: Earth - Roots, Water – Stems and Branches, Fire – Flower and Buds, Air - Leaves, Ether – Seeds and Fruits

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