Omved Organic Charcoal Tablets for Burning Dhoop, Multipurpose Use

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About this item CONVENIENCE - These Charcoal Tablets let you perform your puja, daily rituals and ceremonies with ease and maximum convenience UNIQUE DESIGN - A unique bowl-like cavity design of these tablets or briquettes holds the incense within to disperse it effectively. BURN DHOOP, INCENSE - It is the best way to burn Dhoop, Resins, Herbs, Incense, and heavy aromatic gums. LONGER BURNING TIME - The charcoal will stay hot enough to burn incense for about 45 minutes to an hour. | Charcoal Size - 2.5 x 3.5 cm each NON-TOXIC - No toxic substances, 100% Natural, Safe to Use daily. Made using Organic sources these Extra-Large-sized Organic Charcoal tablets are completely non-toxic since they are made from organic sources such as coconut husks, bamboo, natural woods, and roots. They are chemical-free and devoid of any toxic additives. Omved Charcoal Tablets are extra-large sized and specially created with a deep cavity that effectively holds and disperses the incense powder or dhoop around. Its unique bowl-like cavity, allows the charcoal to burn more slowly and consistently than other charcoals available in the market. So why wait, experience the most convenient way to conduct your ceremonies, pujas, and rituals, or simply purify your surroundings with some aromatic bliss. Just smolder some natural incense in these charcoal tablets and fill your sanctuary with aromatic bliss.

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