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Alpha Enterprises
“Rag pot” this is a unique product produced by Eco Trends which is socially accountable san certified Firm (or you can call it as a social project). Eco trends are a sustainable business model focused in rural women empowerment, based in a village called Thiruppanandal. Which producing all kind of recycled and upcycled bags for the European Market. This ready to grow bag idea is very popular in north European countries. They sell kitchen herbs in these upcycled plant grow bags and this is very successful from a decade.  Now we’re launching the idea of Europe with Indian essence together with our European Partner “Super Waste” Amsterdam.  . It is an Indo-Dutch venture.
Avnii Organics
We are the manufacturer of Handmade Dupattas, Sling Bags, Shawls etc.
Bindu Herbal Products
Bindu’s Herbal Products offers a range of Skin Care and Hair Care products that work to Repair, Restore & Rejuvenateyour skin and hair. At the core of the brand is its resonance with ingredients which are naturally obtained with no chemical alterations or enhancements hence are free from preservatives, artificial chemicals and added colour. Every ingredient is chosen with utmost care, after studying its effects on every skin type. These well-researched ingredients have been used in unique formulations which have resulted in long lasting benefits to Bindu’s clientele. Bindu's Herbal Products being Ayurvedic brings about vigor and vitality from within. The ever satisfied customer of Bindu’s Herbal Products is the single and strongest testimony to its range of products.     Mrs. Bindu made her first revolutionary hair oil way back in 1998 when there was no hair oil catering to the hair treatment segment. Bindu’s amla hair oils from then on are treating hair-fall and dandruff... More
Celebrated organic farmer Eliot Coleman says, “Organic farming is appealing because it involves searching for and discovering nature’s pathways, as opposed to the formula-driven approach of chemical farming.” Ravish Bhat, one of the founders of Biological Research Innovation Center and Solutions LLP (BRICS LLP) vehemently agrees with Eliot. A chemist by profession, with over 11 years of experience in industry and research institute exploring biochemistry, bio-processing activities and related product/process development, Ravish has a progressive interest in food and nutrition and bio-based innovations. BRICS LLP was founded with a clear intention to develop sustainable and safer technologies using bio-based innovations. They have the vision to Re-think and Re-build the environment and ecosystem with high respect to biodiversity. They want to promote functional and safe food production through the solid principles of natural farming like organic/biological farming, community farming, urban farming, etc.... More
Esaah & Co
Handmade Products using natural ingredients
ESSCENT by ARPAN aims to revolutionize this practice through the production of premium flower-based incense stick. The product is 100% Charcoal free, available in 6 fragrances and is hand-rolled by specially-abled people and rural women, hence giving them an increased source of income. The product emits cleaner smoke as compared to the regular incense sticks, with each fragrance having its own benefits and bringing a more premium and soothing feel to our surroundings. Esscent, the unification of Essence and Scent, tries to create a story with a multidimensional impact. Every box of Esscent Saves the river from pollution Empowers the underprivileged women Uplifts the specially-abled people
TENGIN Virgin Coconut Oil is not just coconut oil. It’s years of tradition and history in every drop. That Kalpatharu Nadu (Tiptur, Karnataka, India), “Land of Coconut Trees”, bear us with the finest naturally-cultivated coconuts from which Tengin is created, assures us and you of a product like none other. At Tengin, we believe in the power of purity, because we know what that means to you. The cold-pressed technique used to create this marvel, not only retains the unique benefits of coconut oil, it preserves the characteristic tropical taste and aroma as well. In every drop, Tengin delivers the raw, unadulterated beauty of nature in its purest form. We work closely with farmers, focussing on the female workforce to produce Tengin while creating multiple jobs in villages. This aids the improvement of their economic state and  Tengin’s packaging, which uses wide-mouthed glass jars ensures zero rates of chemical interactions. This further maintains the integrity of our products throughout the year,... More
Wellness begins when the body, mind and the spirit are in complete harmony with the environment. Mother Earth has already given us all we need to live a healthy, fulfilling life. Inspired by the 5000-year-old Indian practice of holistic healing, the journey of Omved began. At Omved, ‘all natural’ is not just a catchphrase but a way of life. That’s precisely why we use the purest wild-crafted, organically and naturally cultivated ingredients for our products. We make each of our products with love and care, so it not only oozes with positive effects but also works on your body, mind, and spirit. We ensure that each and every ingredient used in our products is not only chemical-free, natural and hand-crafted but also fair-trade, made in India and bio-degradable. Moreover, all of the Omved products are authentic and ethical - embracing design and sustainability, beautifully finished and reviving our ancient Vedic traditions. They are safe for you and safe for the earth. We source and... More
Roses & Tulip
Roses&Tulip was born from our love of honey, pure, unadulterated honey. We are a team of young professionals who are dedicated to provide the highest quality honey and putting an end to our customers search for pure honey. With Roses&Tulip, we took the pledge to change this situation and bring back the actual value of natural honey to the households of India. Now we can proudly say that we stand true to our promise, to this day!
Vkare Bio Sciences Private Limited
Fuschia was born out of its parent company Vkare BioSciences in 2013. Since its inception, Fuschia is consistently evolving and has established itself as a brand dedicated to natural, handmade skincare products. From natural ingredients to the manufacturing process, from unique packaging styles to eco-friendly policies, fuschia stands apart from most of the conventional cosmetic brands. Founded by a team of Doctors, at Fuschia we strive to reach out to all those who want to go all natural and eco-friendly, with our range. Our constant efforts to provide our customers the best for their skin and at the same time contributing to saving our ecosystem makes our products a little pricier but still affordable for those who really care. Fuschia truly aligns with the spirit of its parent company “ For we really care… ” All of our products have the following features: 1. HANDMADE - All fuschia products are made using handcrafting methods and are packaged in brilliantly colored wrappers and stickers... More
W Nature
Wnature specializes in the supply of natural Honey, Spices, Coffee, Health Drinks all from Mother earth pure and wild as it should be for the best effects on our bodies which have been continuously fed with chemicals, pesticides and other hormones by way of adulterated foods bought from factory-made products. So its time you bought such earthy pure products from Wnature and save yourself and your family and save our earth. Wnature's Produce of Honey is from the finest apiaries situated in the western ghats of Karnataka, India. 100% Pure and natural honey, No substances are extracted out and none additives are added in our honey. Wnature honey is the epitome of richness. Wnature Honey has no genetically modified risks, it unprocessed and taken straight out of beehives. Our Product is homogeneous and unadulterated, free from chloramphenicol, nitrofural residues, free from pesticides, antibiotics and sulfonamides. Wnature provides market access to rural farmers and small beekeepers to increase... More