Omved Baby's First Pillow Head Shaping Mustard Seeds Pillow with Lavender Removable Cotton Cover, Light Grey(Large Size 35 x 20 cm, 1 kg)

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OMVED Baby’s First Pillow

Baby's First Pillow with Head Shaping Mustard Seeds and Lavender with Removable Cotton Cover

OMVED Baby's First Pillow is a must-have baby accessory since it is safe and offers the ideal support for babies to sleep. This Mustard Pillow is an organic aromatherapy pillow inspired by traditional Ayurvedic remedies. This Mustard seed-filled cushion dramatically reduces head pressure and effectively aids in the prevention and correction of flat-head syndrome. It evenly distributes the pressure around a baby’s head, neck, and shoulders.

The Baby’s First Pillow is filled with selective 'tiny-sized mustard seeds for optimum, customized support. As an aromatherapy pillow, it is filled with premium quality, aromatic Lavender flowers that promote deep sound sleep and relaxation. Thoughtfully created for babies, you will find that these specially engineered pillows are irreplaceable.

Why Mustard seeds?

Mustard seeds are traditionally believed to be a constant source of bio-energy, helping to increase blood circulation, reduce ear infections, calm colic, and soothe sinuses, while evenly distributing the pressure around the baby's delicate head. These pillows are filled with premium quality mustard seeds to help give a proper shape to the head and prevent the flat head syndrome

After birth, a baby's bones, including the skullcap or top part of the head, are soft and flexible, and not fused. It takes approximately 12 to 18 months to strengthen and merge into one. During this time, to prevent and treat flat-head caused by constant pressing against bedding, to help with irregular head forms caused by childbirth, and to provide customized sleep support, the Baby's First Pillow is invaluable

Features & Benefits:

  • IDEAL SUPPORT – takes the shape of a baby's head
  • REDUCES COLDS - naturally warming properties
  • SOUND SLEEP – therapeutic lavender induces sleep
  • EASY BREATHING – breathable seeds allow air circulation
  • ECO-FRIENDLY - completely biodegradable

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