• Soiless Medium
  • High Water Retention
  • Light Weight & Easy to Move Around
  • Scientifically Tested
  • Processed Horticulture Materials Used.

“Rag pot” this is a unique product produced by Eco Trends which is socially accountable san certified Firm (or you can call it a social project)

Eco trends are a sustainable business model focused on rural women empowerment, based in a village called Thiruppanandal. Which producing all kind of recycled and upcycled bags for the European Market.

This ready to grow bag idea is very popular in north European countries. They sell kitchen herbs in these upcycled plant grow bags and this is very successful from a decade. 

Now we’re launching the idea of Europe with Indian essence together with our European Partner “Super Waste” Amsterdam. www.superwaste.eu . It is an Indo-Dutch venture.

Our bags are made of waste materials, that are collected by ‘ragpickers’cleaned and fabricated into new products. We use the concept of ‘upcycling’: waste materials are prefabricated into new products with a higher value.

Ragbag is a brand that follows the ten fair trade principles of WFTO, World Fair Trade Organization. Our production partners are members of Fair Trade Forum India (FTF-India). We pay a fair price to the ragpickers and fabricators, providing them and their families ‘means of livelihood’ and access to more opportunities.

The design of the bags is made by talented Dutch designers educated at the Rietveld Academy and the Design Academy.