What is Markeetu?

Markeetu is a curated Marketplace Platform for sellers for natural, organic & handmade products online in India, it’s a Platform for Passionate people who care for the planet and support sustainable living with a promise for no chemicals and preservatives and anything that’s unnatural,

Our Philosophy is to Bring India to the World, which means we are on a mission to bring such Organic, handmade, chemical-free, and unique products to everyone.

In today's world where information is key, it is important to bring information and truth about such products to the people as there are many who are interested in these products but sellers are not able to reach them in a proper way.

We strive to bridge this gap by carefully creating a narrative about the product along with facts about it and its ingredients and its value to our health and environment.

Why sell with us?

Seller Profiling :

Dedicated Seller Page

Brand Story Narration

Professional Product Photoshoot

Targeted Customers :

Looking for Natural & Sustainable Products

Aged between 28-35 Years

60% of Female Audience

High Repeat-Purchase Rate

Rewarding Relationships :

On-time payments

Technology to Manage Product Listing and Orders

Dedicated Seller Care Team

Does Markeetu promote us only through the web?

Markeetu has a comprehensive marketing strategy on the web which includes our campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Ads, and various other SEO Optimizations driving traffic to our website.

Other than WEB we shall hold Markeetu Melas every four months at important locations across India in major cities providing immense brand value creation in the market and new clients.

I have my own website and I can do this myself?

Having a website is a Norm in today’s world but if you want to continuously maintain it and upgrade it tech-wise and design-wise then you will need to either have your own team or hire an agency for it and both the ways it will be extremely expensive which can divide your TIME AND MONEY into developing your business and taking care of the website all the time.

At Markeetu, all of this is taken care at a fraction of the cost and you can concentrate on your products.

At your website, you might be getting only known customers and new customers might be only a few but at Markeetu, as the sellers keep growing you get new customers all the time as it is a marketplace where customers of various other sellers are able to see you.

Markeetu runs a lot of marketing campaigns online and offline at various times and you get a piece of the ever-growing market.

How does Markeetu work?

At Markeetu, we follow the Drop-Ship model. A customer logs onto the Markeetu application and places an order for desired products. Once an order is placed, our logistics partner will arrive at the seller's location and pick the product and deliver it to the customer.

What are the pre-conditions to become a Seller on Markeetu?

1. GST Certificate (Mandatory)
2. FSSAI License (Applicable for Food & Beverage products)
3. Brand Labelling Image for each product
4. Nutritional Label (Applicable for Food & Beverage products)

How do you shortlist a Seller?

We have a Lead Research Guideline document that contains several parameters based on which we rate each vendor. When a vendor meets the parameters of this guideline document, our Sales team approves a seller and sends a confirmation mail. Parameters are based on the product being natural, genuine, unique, and exclusive. Needless to say, we are a managed marketplace where we are very particular about every seller we onboard.

Whom can I reach out to, in case I face a problem?

You are most welcome to meet us anytime. We are available Monday-Friday (except public holidays) from 10 AM to 07 PM. We would be more than happy to let you see our process flow

What measures does Markeetu take to ensure the products are not damaged during delivery/transit?

We have tied up with the best logistics partners in the country that assure safe and secure delivery of your shipment.
To ensure your products remain undamaged during the shipping process we have set certain packaging guidelines for our sellers and ensure they abide by them. The products shipped are packed in a waterproof plastic layer. Each individual product is then packaged in bubble wrap while fragile items like bottles are safely secured with additional bubble wrap and our stickers are used over the packaging.

How can you sell on Markeetu?

We have a dedicated page to help you with this. Please find the link to our Sell With Us Page here

Who takes responsibility if the product is damaged during transit?

We have partnered with the best logistics companies in the country based on their fulfillment history.
There are hardly any instances where there has been mishandling of an order from their end.
But in case it does happen, a thorough investigation is taken place, and we look into the entire matter.

The investigation takes place as follows:
Foremost, we ask the customer to send us a picture of the manner in which they have received the product.
Then, we confirm from the seller if sufficient care was taken while packing the product from their end.
In case it is found that the packaging was inappropriate the product has to reshipped from the seller’s end
In case the product is misplaced/mishandled during transit by our Logistics partners we make sure the amount for the product gets refunded to the seller.

As a seller, do I have to take care of the packaging materials from my end?

Yes, you will be responsible for cartons and boxes. However, we provide you with Markeetu Tapes, Stickers, Thank you cards, and Sorry cards. In case you run out, shoot us an email (based on your requirement) at [email protected] with the Subject Line: Markeetu Tapes & Stickers Required.

Do you offer any discounts from your end to the customer like other E-commerce companies?

Unlike most e-commerce companies in the market, we don’t encourage any discounts from our end. But in case a seller wants to offer a discount from their end, they are welcome to do that.

How are Cash on Delivery transactions carried out?

All COD orders money is collected by our courier partner and is remitted into Markeetu’s account. While doing the monthly reconciliation, we deduct the commission chargeable, along with taxes, and remit the balance amount to your account. This settlement includes both online and well as COD payments. The amount is transferred to you on a monthly basis.

Will your team communicate the order in regional languages?

Orders will be forwarded to you via email and SMS and will be in the English language only.
For an initial couple of orders, we call the sellers and inform them about the incoming orders. You can indicate the preferred language of communication and we will do our best to accommodate the request.

I already have my website. Can you link it with your site once I register with you since that will help customers know more about my store?

Sorry, that will not be possible, all orders have to terminate on the Markeetu website.
However, we can add an ‘Order Now’ or ‘Buy Now’ link on your website which will take them to the corresponding product page on Markeetu where they can complete the purchase. This way, you can be ensured that the traffic coming to your website is actually getting converted to a transaction. All commissions etc. in such cases would remain the same.

Are you going to write something about my store/products on your site apart from just displaying the menu?

This is where we stand out. Each Seller Partner gets a dedicated page on our website with a vanity URL and would have the following (Some of them are Value Added Services which come at a very nominal price):
Vendor Images: Here, we will show our customers how our sellers make their unique products, and the efforts being put in by the people behind the enterprise. This is to establish trust in the eyes of the customer and make it look real and authentic.
Vendor Profile: We would also put a short write-up about how you started your business, what was your inspiration from etc. This helps the customers connect better with you on an emotional level.
Product Images: This is our USP. We would ensure each product is photographed in an aesthetic manner. This is a welcome change as compared to seeing white background images on other e-commerce platforms.
Vendor Video: For select sellers, we also showcase their inspiring journey over a 2-3 minute video. We then use all the above properties to market you and get you more orders. Simple.

What guarantee can you give that my customer's data is not shared with my competitor seller on Markeetu?

Be rest assured, this is duly covered in the Seller Partner agreement. Moreover, the customers that order from you on our site are Markeetu customers, and hence all rights and responsibilities to ensure their privacy lies with us. We have strict internal policies which prohibit data sharing/leaking etc.

What are the promotional activities you do?

We do both online as well as offline promotions.
Online Promotions - Social Media Marketing on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Offline Promotions - ATL activities in regional and national newspapers, radio channels, magazines, etc.

Ours is a very unique concept product and my TG is very limited. How will you be helpful to me?

Our SEO and SEM team identifies the number of searches happening for each of our products and based on the results, designs and executes various campaigns.
On-boarding with us will help you to reach out to more customers, ensuring awareness about the unique products that you have to offer.

I have my own website equipped with online payments for customers, then why should I register with you?

It may happen that only your regular customers may know about your website. As a part of Markeetu, you will be able to reach a new set of customers who don’t know about you.
- Our sole existence is to help you win by giving you more orders and customers. You can continue doing what you are doing. We are just an alternate business channel for you.
- We specialize in SEO and driving traffic to our website through the use of Social media marketing. This means more eyeballs on your products listed on our site.

Can I take the online payment feature from you for my website?

Yes. you can! We can provide you with an ‘Online Order’ button which you can get integrated into your website. This will ensure traffic coming to your website has a higher chance of placing an order online.

Can I have the payment on a daily basis?

No, the only available billing cycle is monthly. Once the invoice is generated, you would receive the payment within 7 working days of the following month. A detailed PDF will be emailed to you along with customer details for reconciliation (accounting).

Is there any monthly rental?

Currently, we do not charge any registration or monthly listing/subscription fee.
You only pay us when we get your orders!

Can we keep only selective products from our collection/portfolio to be listed on your website and not the complete range to start with?

Yes, surely that can be done! This goes both ways. If some of your products don’t fit our internal guidelines and parameters, we may not list them as well.